Kinetic Energy Storage and High Speed Machines

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What We Can Do for You

EMS’s activities in the field of Mechanical Energy Storage Systems range from consulting in professional car racing to the development of full scale functional prototypes for the industry (such as the CMO-Flywheel and TSA HighFly). This of course includes all electric / electronic components such as power electronics and any required measurement and control system. Simulation Tools such as COMSOL, LT Spice, MATLAB/Simulink and an others allow systematic, numerical investigation in conjuction with special test rigs.

The excellent cooperation with the Institute for Machine Elements and Methods of Development (IME) allows research and development of the mechanical components of FESS. Within joint research projects several special test rigs were developed, which are unique in Europe.

The possible services of the group “Mechanical Energy Storage Systems” include:

  • Feasibility studies and system analysis of FESS
  • Benchmarking of FESS (comparison to other technologies such as batteries and supercaps)
  • Electric / magnetic simulation of high speed machines
  • Power electronics for high speed machines
  • Mechanical analysis of rotors
  • Bearing seats for super-critical rotor operation
  • Investigation of thermal properties of roller bearings
  • Development of full system prototypes

The existing infrastructure includes:

Flywheel Gesamtaufbau
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