Atomic Force Microscope Tosca 400

With the atomic force microscope (AFM) Tosca 400 the sample is ‘scanned’ with a mechanical probe offering a three-dimensional analysis of the surface. Measurements with a high lateral and vertical resolution are obtained.  The result contains topographical and mechanical information of the surface.

Determination of:
Surface topography
Scan range: 100 µm lateral and 15 µm vertical
Mechanical properties

A variety of samples can be measured by this technique.

Cantilever for contact and tapping mode



Contact person:
EngD Glen Smales

Acknowledgement guidelines

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'The authors would like to acknowledge use of the Somapp Lab, a core facility supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, the Graz University of Technology, the University of Graz and Anton Paar GmbH.’