Modular Compact Rheometer MCR 502

The MCR 502 rheometer measures the deformation and flow behavior of various materials. In rotational mode the flow behavior of liquids and liquid solutions can be determined.  Depending on the measurement system relative and absolute viscosities of the samples are obtained. In the oscillatory mode, deformation and flow behavior of viscoelastic samples are measured simultaneously. As a result, loss and storage modulus as well as the complex viscosity of the sample are obtained.

Determination of:
Deformation and flow behavior
Storage and loss modulus
Complex viscosity

A variety of liquid, paste or gel like samples can be measured by this technique.

Measuring systems:
Plate-plate, cone-plate, and concentric cylinders
Disposable measuring systems for solidifying samples
Pressure and starch cell



Contact person:
EngD Glen Smales

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