Particle size analyzer Litesizer 500

By means of dynamic light scattering sizes and stability of nanoparticles can be determined.

The measurement of dynamics in the sample delivers the hydrodynamic radius of particles in a size range between nanometers up to several micrometers. Exposing the sample to an electric field enables the determination of the particles’ Zeta potential. The equipment can also be used for the detection of static light scattering to generate a Debye plot and calculate the molecular mass.

Determination of:
Size and size distribution
Diffusion coefficient
Zeta potential
Molecular mass

A variety of samples (in solution or dispersion) from proteins over surfactant micelles to inorganic nanoparticles can be measured.

Various cuvettes for DLS: disposable, glass, sealable quartz
Cuvettes for Zeta potential: PS cuvettes



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EngD Glen Smales

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