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About us

The Institute of Structural Durability and Railway Technology works closely with partners from industry and academia to develop advanced design concepts and methodologies for the operational design of lightweight components and systems. The comprehensive testing infrastructure provides analyses at various scales, from representative samples to individual components and complete assemblies, thus ensuring consistent transferability and application-oriented validation.

A key aspect of our research activities is the development and application of simulation concepts as the basis of a modern design process to evaluate and optimize the performance of machine and rail vehicle components in operation. The focus is on the consideration of fundamental aspects such as design and load as well as material and production and their complex interaction.

The main research activities can be summarized as follows:

  • Fatigue strength of machine and rail vehicle components
  • Development of specific testing and analysis techniques
  • Creation and application of advanced simulation concepts
  • Development of design and lightweighting methods

Teaching at the institute focuses on the two topics of fatigue strength and rail vehicle technology in theory and practice. Lectures, exercises and application-oriented courses are used to impart both fundamental and practical knowledge. In particular, the presentation of modern design and evaluation methods, such as simulation-based concepts in machine and rail vehicle design, represents an essential aspect of the teaching activities.
The focus of the teaching can be summarized as follows:

  • Fundamentals of Fatigue and Life Assessment
  • Applied component design with simulation-based concepts
  • Railway technology and lightweight design