Danijel Zorec’s project "The Living Bridges of Vienna" wins the first prize of this year’s GAD Awards

Supervised by Roger Riewe (Institute of Architecture Technology), Danijel Zorec's diploma thesis develops an urban cluster in the form of multiple inhabitable bridges over the Danube Island thus linking two urban areas of Vienna. The aim of this project is to design a subtle megastructure which would integrate social and cultural aspects of the river and the city. The proposed design aims to respond positively to the fragile environment and integrate well into the existing urban fabric, as well overcome all the constrains. High living quality based on a human scale should prevail over the excessive aesthetic and seductive monumental effect. At the same time, an inhabitable bridge, a typology invented a long time ago, is once again put to the test in order to create a contemporary and distinctive urban cluster.

The jury statements and further information on the project can be found on the GAD Awards 20 website.