Info-Pavilions developed by the IAM - “A Sign for the Future of Timber Architecture”

The regional development association "Holzwelt Murau" commissioned the IAM to conceptualise and implement nine information pavilions made of larch wood to promote tourist attractions within the region of Murau. With just over 27,000 inhabitants, the district of Murau is sparsely populated and has the highest proportion of forest in Austria. The timber industry is therefore one of the most important economic sectors. The pavilions were placed at various tourist hotspots in order to draw attention to the region's diverse range of leisure activities. The prototype was developed over the course of a project studio in the winter semester of 2017/18 at the IAM.
Florian Fend (IAM) was then responsible for creating the design, based on the prototype, and for providing the data for digital fabrication. The demanding statics of the twisted larch wood boards, forming the supporting structure of the pavilions, were calculated by the office Bollinger+Grohmann. The digital milling work was carried out on the joinery machine at the Murau Vocational School. Harald Kraxner, from the "Holzwelt Murau" association, expressed that the information pavilions are a "clear sign for the future of timber architecture".

© Florian Fend/IAM, TU Graz