Graz Architecture Lectures 2022

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GAL21 - Professionalism: Wednesday, April 6, and on Thursday, April 7, from 4-7pm
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Architecture achieves its expression through the professional practice of building. Whoever builds is inevitably confronted with a jungle of different positions, all with one thing in common: they are the views of professionals. Architects passionately try to imbue even the smallest things with a higher creative significance. Indeed, they do not simply push resistance aside, but instead work their way through it, even generating more resistance in the process—not because they have to, but because the opposition drives them to it, and the resulting friction then generates new (often highly personal) insights. The Graz Architecture Lectures 2022 bring together voices from the broad field of the profession who will explore this area of tension in various constellations.

Organisation und Implementation

Petra Eckhard, Doris Stadler-Glavič