CAT - CyVerse Austria

CyVerse provides an ordered data base storage with powerful computational infrastructure to handle huge datasets and complex analyses, thus enabling data-driven discovery. CyVerse extensible platforms provide data storage, bioinformatics tools, image analyses, APIs, and more.

CyVerse Austria uses open source code from CyVerse US (University of Arizona) and its deployment is funded by BioTechMed-Graz. Within the program Digitale TU Graz the follow-up project for expansion of CyVerse Austria (Austrian DataLab and Services) is funded by the BMBWF. 


  • Analyze & Share: Do all your research in one place with our easy to use bioinformatics tools, image analyses, cloud services, and resources for reproducibility, automation, storing, and sharing.
  • Build Your Skills: Access CAT educational webinars, hands-on workshops, self-paced tutorials, and more to teach yourself and your students how to do open, collaborative science.

  • Bring Your Own: Connect your own storage or compute power, build off our APIs, or even install your own version of CyVerse. We can help you find out what is right for your project and goals.

Demand More From Your Data

Explore how CAT services support each step of your research, whether it’s bulk uploading of raw files, analyzing and visualizing your results, sharing with collaborators, or assigning permanent identifiers so others can find and reuse your data and analyses.

Use CyVerse Austria to easily manage all your data and research in one place. CyVerse Austria staff can help you along the way.