• Graz-µCT is an X-ray micro computed tomography infrastructure funded by the FFG. It is a user facility for consortium of several institutes.

    Equipped with latest TESCAN µCT machines, we provide an opportunity to discover properties of your objects through a µCT scan for researchers from a very wide range of scientific fields.

  • TESCAN has been pushing the limits of temporal resolution for lab-based micro-CT down to seconds, enabling true dynamic imaging experiments to provide unique insights to engineers and scientists. Building on that expertise, the TESCAN UniTOM HR is the first dynamic micro-CT system to offer a sub-micron spatial resolution, without compromising on temporal resolution and in-situ capabilities.

  • TESCAN UniTOM XL enables high-throughput non-destructive 3D imaging for materials research, failure analysis and quality assurance.  Fast scan times, continuous imaging, and unique software tools enable real dynamic CT, allowing researchers to perform uninterrupted flow, compression, tension, and other time dependent studies in a variety of areas.

  • As a part of the TESCAN Collaboration Network, we provide oppotunities for all TESCAN Collaboration network users allowing them to use Micro-CT TESCAN machines for collaborations, training and exchange of time-credits. See more information on our TESCAN Collaboration page.