February 27, 2024

Workshop "Disruptive Business Models - Practice" 

Today we had the pleasure of hosting the workshop "Disruptive Business Models - Practice" together with DIH SÜD GmbH! It was an inspiring opportunity to work together with SMEs on their business models of tomorrow. A big thank you to all participants, speakers and partners who made this day a success! Together we are shaping the business models of the future!

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October 12, 2019

Grand Opening of the Business Model Lab

Today marked the successful grand opening of the Business Model Lab at Graz University of Technology. With Business Models as its cornerstone, the Lab promises to be a hub of knowledge sharing, collaboration, and cutting-edge research. Here, minds will converge, ideas will flourish, and new paradigms in business thinking will emerge. Cheers to a future filled  with transformative strategies!

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