Projects offer companies the possibility to solve a problem individually, customizing the solution specifically  with reference to the company’s situation together with the Institute. The Institute carries out a three-stage process to provide this support:

  • In the kick-off meeting, the framework conditions of the project (e.g. concrete problem) and the specific project contents are defined. We analyse the existing business model together with the customer to identify problem areas and innovation potentials .
  • For consistency the project execution phase, a variety of steps are taken depending on the scope of the project. Basically, this phase includes an environment analysis, the development of a detailed solution and an implementation plan. Depending on the problem, different methods are used to provide the detailed solution. Scientific work can also be integrated into this process or workshops can be held.
  • In the wrap-up phase,  the project results are summarized and decisions are made regarding the subsequent procedures or whether a possibility of carrying out a follow-up project with the company exists.


  • Advice and support from experienced staff of the institute
  • Costs to be agreed upon based on the complexity and scope of the project                           

(contact Christiana Ropposch for more information)