Beitrag in Fachzeitschrift
Luigi Aiello, Georgi Kovachev, Bernhard Brunnsteiner, Martin Schwab, Gregor Gstrein, Wolfgang Sinz and Christian Ellersdorfer In Situ Measurement of Orthotropic Thermal Conductivity on Commercial Pouch Lithium-Ion Batteries with Thermoelectric Device Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Manfred Mühlbauer, Ernst Tomasch, Wolfgang Sinz, Siegfried Trattnig and Hermann Steffan In cervical arthroplasty, only prosthesis with flexible biomechanical properties should be used for achieving a near-physiological motion pattern Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Technischer Bericht
Stefan Smit and Ernst Tomasch Rundum-Sicht im Straßenverkehr Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Linus Wagstrom, K Bohman, Magdalena Lindman, Oscar Laudon, Ernst Tomasch, Corina Klug, Martin Schachner, Ines Levallois, P. Recko, F. Renaudin, E. Salters, Astrid Linder, J. Gross, Arne Keller and Kai-Uwe Schmitt Impact scenarios and pre-crash seated positions for Automated Driving Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Sonstiger Beitrag
Desiree Kofler, Ernst Tomasch, Peter Spitzer and Corina Klug Analysis of the Effect of Different Helmet Types and Conditions in Two Real-world Accident Scenarios with a Human Body Model Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Alessio Sevarin, Christian Ellersdorfer and Markus Fasching Crash safety optimisation method for the integration of the traction batteries into Powered-Two-Wheelers Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Christoph Leo, Michael Gruber, Florian Feist, Wolfgang Sinz, Franz Roth and Corina Klug The Effect of Autonomous Emergency Braking Systems on Head Impact Conditions for Pedestrian and Cyclists in Passenger Car Collisions Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Georgi Kovachev, Gregor Gstrein, Christian Ellersdorfer and Wolfgang Sinz Analysis of the influence of electrochemical aging effects on the mechanical properties of lithium ion batteries Publikation in PURE anzeigen

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