UFO/Gründungsgarage/Volume 12

Volume 12 - STARTUP RUN 2019

A good business idea is nothing without a good team.

Gründungsgarage Vol. XII @ STARTUP RUN 2019 organized by Junge Wirtschaft Steiermark.

Volume 12 - Design Thinking Workshop

If the teams of the Gründungsgarage play LEGO, they don’t do it only for pleasure. In this session they were provided with a high class Design Thinking Workshop by Manuel Grassler. Check out his website at www.visionenbauen.at 

Volume 12 - Online & Growth Marketing Workshop

At the second Workshop Day/part 1, our mentor Jörg Wukonig gave the teams an exciting insight into the topic of online- and growth marketing.

Volume 12 - Legal & Tax Workshop

New week, new workshop! 

This time, participants of the Gründungsgarage Vol. 12 received an excellent workshop in the field of legal and tax advice. 

A big thank you to our mentors Arno Likar from LIKAR Rechtsanwälte GmbH and Peter Stanzenberger from Rabel & Partner for their valuable contribution. 

Volume 12 - Day 2, Business Models & Design

On the first workshop day the teams got an insight in subjects like business modeling and design thinking by two high-profile speakers. In addition to a theory unit, the teams also had the task of presenting their business model in a compact manner with a Business Model Canvas.

Volume 12 - Kick-off Event

The Gründungsgarage started the semester again on a high - 10 new teams will be on the eager task to further improve their business ideas. At the kickoff meeting @AULA x space, mentors were assigned to each team and the first target goals have already been set.

Volume 12 - Deadline: 09.03.2019

Du bastelst bereits an einer innovativen Geschäftsidee und möchtest den nächsten Schritt in Richtung konkreter Umsetzung machen Willkommen in der Gründungsgarage - genau dich haben wir gesucht!

Bewerbe dich hier.



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