Bachelor-/Masterprojects and theses

 Legend: BP=Bachelorproject, MP=Masterproject, MT=Masterthesis

Type Topic Contact
MP/MT Model Predictive Control for Networked Control Systems Martin Steinberger
MP Estimation of Convergence Time for Sliding Mode Algorithms Richard Seeber
MP/MT Electric Vehicle Controls Markus Reichhartinger
BP/MP/MT Simulation Environment for Networked Control Systems Markus Tranninger
MT Optimal State Estimation in Networked Control Systems Markus Tranninger
MT Sensor simulation in a fuel cell system Markus Reichhartinger
MT Control of a cold starting process for a PEM fuel cell system Markus Reichhartinger
BP/MP Comparison of Dropout Models for Networked Control Systems Markus Tranninger
BP/MP/MT Projects in the Field of Networked Control Systems Martin Steinberger
MT Visual and LiDAR Perception Systems Design and Testing using Automated Driving Toolbox Jasmina Zubaca
MT Trajectory Planning for Automated Driving/Racing Michael Stolz
BT/MP Enabling D2D Communication on the Automated Driving Testbed Tobias Renzler
MT/MP Platoon Control Policies based on Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communication in OMNET++ Tobias Renzler
MT Sensor Fusion of LiDAR and Camera for Roborace Jasmina Zubaca
MP/MT Adaptive PID control

Martin Steinberger

MP/MT Simulation and Control of thyroid models Markus Reichhartinger
MT Thermal modeling and system identification of multi-zone buildings for model predicitive control (MPC) Daniel Muschik
MT Robust Platooning with binary Controllers - A Sliding Mode Perspective Martin Steinberger
BP/MP Driving Data Set Analysis Toolchain Martin Kirchengast
MP/MT Automotive Radar Sensor Modelling -  Wave Propagation and Reflection Franz Michael Maier
BP/MP Automotive Radar Sensor Modelling - Local Curvature Estimation of Triangle Mesh Franz Michael Maier
BP/MP/MT Control Design of an automotive power train Markus Reichhartinger
MT Fault Detection for Semiconductor Manufacturing Tools Stefan Koch
MT Modellierung einer Absorptionswärmepump-Anlage Markus Gölles

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