Bachelor-/Masterprojects and theses

The topics listed below only contain a current overview of possible theses and projects. If you are particularly interested in a specific topic that is not listed here, please feel free to contact one of the persons in charge directly.

 Legend: BP=Bachelorproject, MP=Masterproject, MT=Masterthesis

Type Topic Contact
MP Estimation of Convergence Time for Sliding Mode Algorithms Richard Seeber
MT Trajectory Planning for Automated Driving/Racing Michael Stolz
MT Computational Intelligence based Dosing in Case of Graves' Disease Markus Reichhartinger
MT Thermal modeling and system identification of multi-zone buildings for model predicitive control (MPC) Daniel Muschik
MT Model-based monitoring of a renewable flow battery Markus Gölles
MT Active Demand Side Management in Heating Networks Markus Gölles
MT Considering Energy Markets in Energy Management Systems Markus Gölles
MT Simulation of a truck on a powertrain testbed with focus on dyno inertias Martin Steinberger
MT Signal Preprocessing in Pharmaceutical Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Applications Sandra Sünkel
MT Machine Learning Methods for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Image Segmentation Sandra Sünkel
MT Modeling and Control Synthesis Applied to Continuous Pharmaceutical Processes Sandra Sünkel
MT Modeling, Simulation and Control of Systems with Dead Time Markus Reichhartinger
MT Control Concept for a modern Multi-Level-Converter Markus Reichhartinger
MT Entwicklung eines Predictive Maintenance Algorithmus mit minimaler Sensoranzahl für pneumatische Aktoren Markus Reichhartinger
MP/MT Model-based Control of the Magnetic Flux in an Epstein Frame Markus Reichhartinger

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