Martin Röck, Alexander Passer and Karen Allacker SLiCE
Bernhard Freytag, Michael Huß, David Danner, Joachim Juhart and Viet Tue Nguyen ÖBV Guideline UHPC: New Aspects of Structural Design and Quality Assurance Ultra-High Performance Concrete and High Performance Building Materials for Sustainable Construction 253-256
Jakob Harden, Mathias Eisner, Selda Sherifova, Markus Krüger, Gerhard A. Holzapfel and Barbara Schmid Laboratory Notebook and Database Extensions - a RDM Marketplace pilot project
Jakob Harden, Mathias Eisner, Barbara Schmid, Selda Sherifova and Markus Krüger Laboratory Notebook and Database - an RDM Marketplace pilot project
Anna Christine Krammer, Klaus Doschek-Held, Florian Roman Steindl, Katharina Weisser, Christoph Gatschlhofer, Joachim Juhart, Dominik Wohlmuth and Christoph Sorger Valorisation of metallurgical residues via carbothermal reduction: A circular economy approach in the cement and iron and steel industry