10th EPIEM/ESTIEM Conference

“Creating Value”
3rd-5th of May 2018

The Institute of Business Economics and Industrial Sociology is hosting 10th EPIEM/ESTIEM Conference 3rd - 5th May 2018 in Graz on the topic “Creating Value”. In this conference there will also be a special track on Business Valuation and related topics (e.g. Mergers & Acquisitions). With rich content in the fields of research on the one hand and through its supporting program on the other hand, this conference offers not only the opportunity to impart knowledge but also enables the participants to establish new international contacts. The conference language is English only and the conference participation is free of charge.


Research Seminar

Supporting Program

Conference Program

Thursday, 3rd of May – Pre-Conference Day

Pre-Conference Workshop “Good Quality Research and the Task of Scientific Writing”

Dinner at Grazer Burg, White Hall
Hofgasse 15, 8010 Graz
Time: 7 p.m.

Friday, 4th of May 2018 – Conference Day

In the morning session of the conference day, there will be an Editor´s View track, where the participants will get an opportunity to gain a deeper insight into publishing in Scopus Indexed Journals. More information can be found here (PROGRAM EDITOR)

In the afternoon session, there will be two parallel tracks. First track will focus on the “Creating Value” within EPIEM/ESTIEM, more information about this track can be found here (PROGRAM EPIEM)

Second track will focus on Business Valuation e.g. Mergers and Acquisitions and related topics concerning assessment of value, more information about this track can be found here (PROGRAM VALUATION)

The conference will take place at Graz University of Technology in Rechbauerstraße 12, 8010 Graz.

Friday, 4th of May 2018 – Evening Event

The evening event will take place over the rooftops of Graz on the Schlossberg, in the Schlossbergrestaurant (Schloßberg 7, 8010 Graz) at 7:30 p.m. This offers the participants, speakers and exhibitors the opportunity for interesting discussions and added benefit of expanding their personal social networks.

Saturday, 5th of May 2018 – Supporting Program

The conference weekend will be rounded off with an interesting supporting program. Together we want to make an exclusive visit to the company and production facility of the company Anton Paar (Anton-Paar-Straße 20, 8054 Graz) starting at 10. a.m. The visit is voluntary and free of charge for all interested participants and the whole tour will be guided in English. Finally, we end our encounter with a lunch.

Submission, Deadlines, Fees

Please note, that no conference fees will be charged and the participation at our social programs is also free of charge. You are cordially invited to submit your extended abstracts for Track 2: Valuation and related topics. Here you can find a template for extended abstracts. Please send those until 9th of April 2018 on the following E-Mail-Address: iemvalueconf2018noSpam@tugraz.at and give us a note if you would also like to present your abstract at the conference by filling this section in the extended abstracts.

If you send us your presentation in advance, it will be available on the computer provided by us, otherwise please bring it directly to your presentation on an USB-Stick. For each presentation a time frame of 10 minutes is planned, plus additional 5 minutes for questions and discussion.

Please note: Due to capacity reasons, there is a limited number of participants. Therefore, we will contact you within one week after the deadline with further information.


For the registration, please fill in the form under the following link 

Conference Agenda and Conference Proceedings

The conference language is English only.

Here you can find the Conference Agenda.

Conference Proceedings including all submitted abstracts, with ISBN, DOI and Crossmark, will be sent to all the participants via Link, at latest two weeks after the conference. You will be able to download these at any time.

Parallel to our conference there is also WING Kongress 2018 (Congress of Austrian Association of IEM). We organized all conference breaks and the social program together with WING in order to enable our participants to expand their social networks even more.

Co-Organizers and Supporters


We are recommending Hotel B&B Graz in Annenstraße 58-60/Metahofgasse 21 since the tram station (Esperanto Platz/Arbeiterkammer) is right in front of the hotel and you can walk from the main train station to the hotel, it takes 5 minutes, as you can see form the map below. You can find more information under the following link http://www.hotelbb.at/

Google Maps

From the tram station (Esperantoplatz/Arbeiterkammer) you can get to Graz University of Technology by choosing one of the following tram lines: 1 (Direction Mariatrost, Station Maiffredygasse), 3 (Direction Krenngasse, Station Rechbauerstraße), 6 (Direction St. Peter, Station Dietrichsteinplatz), 7 (Direction LKH Med UNI/Klinikum Nord, Station Maiffredygasse).

More hotels in Graz can be found under the following link https://www.graztourismus.at/de/hotels-graz/

About Graz

The beautiful city of Graz

Graz is the second-largest city in Austria after Vienna and the capital of the federal state of Styria (Steiermark). It has a population of 320.587 (of which 286.686 have principal residence status). Graz has a long tradition as a student city: its six universities have more than 50.000 students. Its "Old Town" is one of the best-preserved city centers in Central Europe.

In 1999, Graz was added to the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage Sites, and the site was extended in 2010 by Schloss Eggenberg. Graz was sole Cultural Capital of Europe for 2003 and got the title of a City of Culinary Delights in 2008.

The best option for reaching places in Graz is by tram & bus. Taxis are quite expensive.

For trams and busses in Graz you need to buy a ticket which is valid for both. The best option is to buy the 3-days ticket (price: € 12,10). You can buy this ticket at an automat inside the trams but also online (with the following link you can find out more http://www.holding-graz.at/graz-linien/tickets/graz-3-tage-ticket.html). 

Reaching Graz University of Technology from Graz Airport

When you arrive at the airport of Graz (there is only one airport) you have to choose the bus line number 630 or 631 to Jakomini Platz (the bus timetable is available under the following link).

Jakomini Platz is the main tram & bus station of Graz, from there you can go everywhere in Graz.

Then you have to walk around 10 minutes from Jakomini Platz to Rechbauerstraße Graz University of Technology or choose one of the following tram lines: 1 (Direction Mariatrost, Station Maiffredygasse), 3 (Direction Krenngasse, Station Rechbauerstraße), 6 (Direction St. Peter, Station Dietrichsteinplatz), 7 (Direction LKH Med UNI/Klinikum Nord, Station Maiffredygasse).

The distance for Airport to Graz University of Technology is about 12.1 km and it will take 15 min. The bill for a taxi is about € 25.

Reaching Graz Graz University of Technology from main train station

The trams are in a subterranean area close to the train station. You can choose between following tram lines 1 (Direction Mariatrost, Station Maiffredygasse), 3 (Direction Krenngasse, Station Rechbauerstraße), 6 (Direction St. Peter, Station Dietrichsteinplatz), 7 (Direction LKH Med UNI/Klinikum Nord, Station Maiffredygasse).

From Jakomini Platz there are options to walk by feet around 10 minutes. The whole distance for the main train station Graz to Rechbauerstraße Graz University of Technology takes about 2,4 km and 15 min.

Graz University of Technology 

In world-wide competition with comparable institutions, Graz University of Technology pursues top teaching and research in the fields of the engineering sciences and the technical-natural sciences. An integral part of putting together excellent education and training programs is knowing about the needs of society and the economy. Ultimately, the quality of the education and training at Graz University of Technology is carried by the strength of its knowledge-oriented and applied research. Numerous competence centers, the Christian-Doppler laboratories, special research fields, research focuses, and large EU projects are only a few examples of the University’s extremely active and successful research.

The Graz University of Technology is one of three technical universities in Austria. It was founded in 1811. TUG, as the university is called by its students, is a public university. In the academic year 2016/17, 19.1% of the students were from abroad and 23.1% of the students were female out of the 13.454 students enrolled at the TUG.

Graz University of Technology contains three campus, two new and an old one.

Below you can see the main building of the old campus at Rechbauerstraße, where our program takes place.


Date: 3rd - 5th of May 2018

Venue: Graz University of Technology, Austria

No conference fee


For any further questions our team is gladly at your disposal

Contact for EPIEM and ESTIEM

Amila Omazic

Institut für Betriebswirtschaftslehre und Betriebssoziologie
Kopernikusgasse 24/II
8010 Graz
Email: iemvalueconf2018noSpam@tugraz.at

Ass.Prof. Mag.rer.soc.oec.
Mag.rer.soc.oec. Dr.rer.soc.oec.
Stefan Otto Grbenic


Institut für Betriebswirtschaftslehre und Betriebssoziologie
Kopernikusgasse 24/II
8010 Graz
Email: iemvalueconf2018noSpam@tugraz.at

Responsible ESTIEM Local Group Graz

Elias Buchmayer

Kopernikusgasse 24/II
8010 Graz
Email: ebuchmayernoSpam@student.tugraz.at