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Gunther Helms: Membranes in MRI - overlooked, but not invisible
July 07th, 2022, | 4:00 pm | Stremayrgasse 16, 3. Stock (BMT03094)

Gunther Helms, Senior lecturer at Lund University (Sweden) is visiting us due to the doctoral examination of Lukas Pirpamer. Helms talks about "Membranes in MRI - overlooked, but not invisible".


"Maßnahmen zur Erhöhung des Frauenanteils an der Fakultät CSBME"
July 13th, 2022 | 16:00 – 18:00 | HS FSI 2 - Inffeldgasse 11

Anna Napetschnig presents her Master Thesis “Frauen@TUG – Do IT! Successful approaches to improve the qualitative and quantitative situation of female students of computer science at Graz University of Technology” and we will discuss her recommendations.


Digital TU Graz Marketplace: Barcamp
July 13th, 2022 | 14:30 – 17:30 | Inffeldgasse 13 / EG (HSi9)
The Barcamp of the Digital TU Graz Marketplace is an event with a flexible programme – all participants are invited to propose and present content and discussions in the three areas of Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), Technology Enhanced Administration (TEA) and Research Data Management (RDM). Follow-up conversations to the discussions, workshops or talks can be continued with snacks and drinks afterwards.
Registration via tel.marketplace@tugraz.at


Workshop for the tool ConvOERter powered by LLT

With ConvOERter, existing (!) presentations (slides) can easily be transformed into an open educational resource (OER) by supporting the automated exchange of copyrighted images with CC-compatible, openly licensed materials and attributing them correctly.
There are 2 options for this, a workshop including a brief introduction to open educational resources (OER) and one that focuses exclusively on the tool. Please choose according to your interest or availability:
Workshop 1 (long):  25.07.22 – 09.00-12.00
Workshop 2 (short): 28.07.22 – 10.00-11.30


Gründungsgarage Volume XIX

Your startup journey begins now! Join us for the next batch of the Gründungsgarage Academic Startup Accelerator! Let the world hear about your idea & be amazed!
If you and your inspiring idea want to take the next step, apply at www.gruendungsgarage.at/bewerbung. Application deadline is October 09th, 2022.

Faculty News

Dragonboat racing: We survived!

Important news first: we are all alive.

Thanks to all participants at our CSBME boat:
Ursula Augsdörfer, Horst Bischof, Roderick Bloem, Friedrich Fraundorfer, Denis Helic, Roman Kern, Phillip Klug, Stefanie Lindstaedt, Sigrid Öllinger, Robert Peharz, Johanna Pirker, Theresa Rienmüller, Jörg Schröttner, Wolfgang Slany. Gerald  Steinbauer-Wagner, Leila Taher, Eduardo Veas, Birgit Vogtenhuber, Martina Wetzl-Piewald and last but not least Bernhard Wieser! Special thanks to Mitra Mitteregger and Sigrid Öllinger for organizing.


Summer party and awarding of the telematics silver diplomas

Thanks to all guests at our awarding of the telematics silver diplomas and our summer party. Hope you enjoyed it, we certainly did!
Media content will follow.


reminder: Your Dean´s Office is on vacation!

Please note that the Dean´s Office is closed from 18th to 31st July.


Jobs, Grants, Open Calls



Academic Staff


University assistant with PhD at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Vision
Apply until July 27th

University assistant at the Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications
Apply until July 31st

Postdoc position at the Intelligent Energy Systems Lab at Institute of Software Technology
Apply now!


General Staff


Software Developer IT Security at the Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications
Apply until July 31st.

Software Engineer Database and Storage Systems at the Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science
Apply now!

Private Cloud Engineer - Perfomance & Chaos Testing at the Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science
Aplly now!


Office Management at the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science
Apply until July 27th


Grants, Open Calls


TU Graz offers scholarships for future students from Ukraine or Romania in the area of computer science.
The scholarships are awarded as follows:
a) Two Siemens Bachelor Scholarships for students of Computer Science, Software Engineering and Management or Information and Computer Engineering
b) Three Siemens Master Scholarships for students of Computer Science, Software Engineering and Management or Information and Computer Engineering
Preference will be given to NEW students from Romania and Ukraine (it is of course not excluded for existing students from the target countries).
Click here for the website


FFG: Artificial Intelligence for Recycling 2022 (in German)
Together, new cross-sector solutions for closed-loop recycling are to be developed through innovative application and/or further development of AI methods and prototypically demonstrated on the basis of sensibly selected use cases. The focus is on the areas of collection, sorting and recycling.
Deadline: 04.10.2022

AK Steiermark: Förderungen für Digitalisierung Projekfonds Arbeit 4.0 (in German)
Each project has the opportunity to receive up to 200,000 euros in funding. An external advisory board evaluates the submitted projects. Projects can be submitted at any time. The focus this time is on the area of continuing education.
Deadline: 31.10.2022

OECD: International Events Sponsorship Campaign 2023
One focus of this OECD program is the financial support of international events (conferences, congresses, workshops, symposia, seminars, etc.). An application can be submitted for a hybrid, virtual or face-to-face event. Interested scientists and institutions can apply now at the OECD.
It is strongly recommended to contact the responsible member of the Scientific Advisory Body directly before submitting the application.
Deadline: 10.09.2022

International Conference Grant
Within the International Conference Grant you can apply for financial support for active conference/meeting participation (lecture, poster, presentation, etc.) abroad, which are related to your field of study (duration of stay min. 3 days to max. 7 days).

Joint Online Courses
The future of education and mobility in international collaboration calls for digitalization; a variety of innovative formats for teaching and learning will be necessary to tackle the challenges of the next years. As we are striving for an all-encompassing culture of internationalisation at higher education institutions we are launching a second call for joint online courses.
Deadline: 10.07.2022

Doctoral Examinations

Info: Candidates can take the final examination (presentation and oral exam) online via video conference call (e.g. Webex) if all parties involved agree. The requirement of publicity can be ensured as follows: Candidates may distribute the meeting link; requests to participate in the video exam can also be sent by e-mail to the chairperson of the exam commission.


Thomas Altendorfer-Kroath:
New Cerebral Open Flow Microperfusion (cOFM) Probe for Sampling Macromolecules from Brain Interstitial Fluid

July 07th, 14:00 | BMT03094


Lukas Pirpamer:
Methods of magnetization transfer MRI for assessing brain white matter damage

July 08th, 11:15 | BMT03094


Kevin Theuermann:
Trustworthy Service Composition Systems for E-Government

July 12th, 09:00 | IFEG42


Emanuel Lacic:
Real-time Recommender Systems in Multi-Domain Settings

July 22th, 09:00 | PZ2062


Markus Hofinger:
Apparent Motion Estimation And Applications With Deep Learning

August 01st, 09:00 | SR ICG


Sonja Langthaler:
Computational Cancer Electrophysiology: New Methods and Directions

August 04th, 09:00 | BMT03094


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