Join us for the International Symposium "Territorial Turn!" held by the Institute of Urbanism, TU Graz, and elaborate together with our keynote speakers and presenters on changes, values and framework conditions of urbanism. The discussion on theoretical concepts and ideas, as well as pioneering practical urban design propositions will contribute to actively think, plan, design, and implement an ecological and equitable urban future on a territorial scale.

The symposium will take place in Graz on the 15th and 16th of September 2022 and is part of the New European Bauhaus Program. It will offer 1,5 days of presentations and discussions with international scholars and practitioners of the disciplines of Urbanism, Architecture, Landscape, Planning, Urban Studies and Design such as Susanne Eliasson (GRAU), Stefan Rettich (University of Kassel), Eva Pfannes (OOZE), Paola Viganò (EPFL Lausanne, IUAV Venice), who will present their perspectives on the Territorial Turn.  It will also feature testimonies of Ali Madanipour (University of New Castle),Christian Schmid (ETHZ), Maarten Van Acker (University of Antwerpen), Erik Wieërs (Flemish Government), Judith Schwentner (City of Graz) and Chris Younès (École spéciale d'architecture and École nationale supérieure d'architecture de Paris La Villette).

In addition, paper presentations by Elena Andonova (Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje), Tommaso Pietropolli (EPFL), Johannes Bernsteiner (TU Graz); Beatrice Beatrice Galimberti (Politecnico di Milano), Julio de la Fuente & Natalia Gutiérrez (Gutiérrez-delaFuente Arquitectos), Ward Verbakel (KU Leuven), Stefan Devoldere (Hasselt University), Lilli Lička, Hannes Gröblacher (BOKU & Westbahnpark), will be followed by discussion panelled with Han Meyer (TU Delft ) and Marcel Smets (KU Leuven), among others.

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