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Open Lecture #3. Mihye An: "Affair on a Fantastic Planet"

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Donnerstag, 10. November 2016 | 18:00 Uhr
Kronesgasse 5/III | 8010 Graz

In this talk Mihye An will present her book Atlas of Fantastic Infrastructures: an intimate look at media architecture (April 2016, Birkhäuser), which is composed of four distinct atlases, and each of which attempts to provide an abstract prism on the fictitious, mediated, and relational “affairs” by examining media architectural projects.

Mihye An is a postdoctoral researcher at CAAD (Computer Aided Architectural Design), Department of Architecture in ETH Zurich. Her interests are in developing inhabitable theories that offer a rich perspectivity on our world from the fundamental technological aspect – “inhabitable” not only for humans, but potentially for any thing. Mihye has backgrounds in design, media arts, culture technology, and architecture.