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CALL for International Workshop | Nova Gorica School of Arts, Slovenia | March 11 to 15, 2019

Deadline Submission: February 15th, 2019
Includes: Travel Costs / Accommodation + Per diem
Application requirements: Statemen of Intent (max. 1000 Char.) / Bio (max. 1000 Char.) / Portfolio (Max. 5 Works)
Subject: New Media and Contemporary Art (4ECTS) mastmodule.eu/the-mast-module/course-ungstudio/

From March 11 to 15, 2019 the participants will meet at the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts to map, develop, iterate novel methodologies that will gradually contribute to a toolbox for innovating the relationship of man and machine in the context of a truly Social Europe. The workshop will create an opportunity to develop practices that can translate artistic ideations into possible scenarios and prototypes. The process will be structured around lectures and hands-on activities that will help the participants to understand the innovation process from a prospective of artist, scientist/artist, entrepreneur/artist, by bringing different disciplines together into a general framework that will open up not only new working places and styles, but also to the new profile of “innovation catalyst”. A multi-skilled and cross-knowledgeable profile that competently switches between different professional realms, interconnects and develops new paradigms and finds unconventional art-based solutions.

• Prof. dr. Peter Purg (UNG AU, Professor in New Media, MASTmodule.eu Lead)

• Jurij Krpan  (Kersnikova.org, Kapelica gallery Art Director; MAST), 

• Robertina Šebjanič (http://robertina.net/ art – technology – science)

• Špela Petrič (www.spelapetric.org/ new media art, ex-science)

• Guest  lecture (TBA)

• MAST Committee (representatives of the MAST consortium partners)

Kontakt: Institut für Raumgestaltung, TU Graz

Franziska Hederer, f.hederernoSpam@tugraz.at
Nayar Castillo-Rutz, castillo-rutznoSpam@tugraz.at