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Bert Claes: "Renovatio urbis Antwerp"

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Gastvortrag | Lunch Lecture

Das Institut für Städtebau lädt zum Gastvortrag von Bert Claes am 23. November 2017 um 12.00 Uhr im Hörsaal II, Rechbauerstr.12, 8010 Graz, Tiefparterre ein.

Antwerp, the city of diamonds. The second largest city in Belgium is the home for half a million inhabitants. Residents who need green space, sports fields, playgrounds, ...The public space is limited and must therefore be qualitative. But how can it be done? More than a decade the city of Antwerp is working on her ‘Renovatio urbis’: the renewal of the city through punctual interventions in the public space. The quality of the public space is key. How can an old railroad yard be transformed into the new hotspot of the city. How can a forgotten street and a railway viaduct become an important connection and a place full of life? How can protest by citizens be the engine that drives a city renewal project? Throughout various projects in Antwerp of the past ten years we explore how the renewal of a public space can be strategic for
the city.

Bert Claes (B) is project manager for public space projects at AG VESPA in Antwerp, an
autonomous municipal company for communal real estate management and urban
projects. AG VESPA is, among others, responsible for sustainable and livable
communal housing and public space projects in Antwerp.