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Benoit Moritz: "Everything Urbanism"

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Gastvortrag / Lecture

Das Institut für Städtebau lädt zum Gastvortrag von Benoit Moritz am Freitag, den 2. Feber 2018 um 19.00 Uhr ins HDA-Haus der Architektur ein.

A walk through the urban landscape of Brussels and its metropolitan region
Benoit Moritz graduated in architecture (ISACF-La Cambre) and urban planning (UPC Barcelona). In 2001, he cofounded MSA office in Brussels with Jean-Marc Simon. Benoit Moritz additionally developed a teaching and prospective research activity at the Faculty of Architecture (ULB). His research focuses on urban projects currently developed in Belgian cities and the actors involved. Benoit Moritz is also the author of many articles related to urbanism.
MSA is a Brussels based design office, specialised in urbanism, architecture, public spaces, bridges and special structures. MSA is interested in all project scales: from the design of public space to the elaboration of masterplans for larger territories, spread all over Brussels and Wallonia to several large scale urban planning projects in Europe and Asia.
At the Mies Van der Rohe Award 2017 MSA / V+ have been awarded the „Emerging Architects Prize“ for their project NAVEZ, a small social apartment building in Brussels Schaerbeek on a plot that seemed impossible to be built.

Eine Veranstaltung des Instituts für Städtebau in Kooperation mit dem HDA.