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Bas Princen: "Central Perspectives"

"Model for a Tower," (Tower of Babel, Pieter Breugel), 2019, Dilbeek, Belgium Bas Princen in collab. with OFFICE Kersten Geers, David van Severen


Dienstag, 21. Mai 2019 | 18.00 Uhr
Camera Austria | Lendkai 1

Bas Princen is an artist and photographer living and working in Rotterdam and Zurich. He was educated as industrial designer at the Design Academy Eindhoven and later studied architecture at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. Since then, through the use of photography, his work focuses on how image defines landscape and architecture through books, exhibitions and large scale in situ installations. He is also guest lecturer at the IZK for "Workshop 2". Most recent exhibitions include: "Image and Architecture" at the Vitra Design Museum Gallery, "Breuer Revised" (2017) at the Met in NY, "Earth Pillar"(2016) Solo Galerie in Paris, "Constructing Worlds" (2014) in the Barbican Art Gallery in London; "Room of Peace" at the 14th Venice Bienale. In May 2004 he published his first book Artificial Arcadia with 010 Publishers. Further monographs include: Rotterdam (2007) with Witte de With Publishers, Galleria Naturale (2008) for Linea di Confine, Rubierra, Five Cities Portfolio (2009) with SUN Publishers, Reservoir (2011) with Hatje Cantz, The Construction of an Image (2016) with Bedford Press and The Room of Peace (2018) by Roma Publishing. In 2004 he won the Charlotte Kohler Prize for promising young artists and architects in the Netherlands and at the 2010 Venice Bienale of Architecture he was awarded the Silver Lion for his collaborative work with Office Kersten Geers David van Severen.

For this lecture, Bas Princen will focus on a series of recent in situ Installations, where Images are defining the landscape and spaces in which they are placed.

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