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Ausschreibung für eine Masterarbeit am Institut für Architektur und Medien

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„Habitat Weaves. Adaptive Architectural Skins for Local Biodiversity Boost in Urban Areas“.
Bewerbungen bis Sonntag, 15. Oktober 2023 an mstavricnoSpam@tugraz.at und zeliha.ilgunnoSpam@uni-graz.at

In recent years, numerous countries have increasingly turned their focus towards biodiversity within urban planning, emphasising interdisciplinary collaboration. A noteworthy development in this regard is the ÖNORM regulation in Austria, specifically addressing the integration of vertical greenery into urban landscapes. This regulation underscores the manifold advantages of well-designed vertical greenery, notably its potential to activate underutilised urban spaces with multifunctional surfaces. Such surfaces serve the dual purpose of augmenting biodiversity and mitigating the ecological impact of green space loss due to urban development. This master's thesis seeks to explore the creation of adaptive architectural models that can address these objectives by transforming neglected urban areas into microclimatic environments suitable for the flourishing of native wildflowers and insect populations, particularly wild bees.