About TU Graz

Founded by Archduke Johann in 1811, TU Graz is the oldest technical university in Austria. It currently has 13,700 students from over 100 countries and 1,900 researchers whose work encompasses all technological and scientific disciplines. When it comes to research, we place a strong emphasis on national and international collaboration. In the course of these activities, we work closely with companies, and are one of the leading universities in this regard.

TU Graz spreads across three big campus locations: the “Alte Technik” campus, the “Neue Technik” campus and “Inffeldgasse” campus.

The ORAHS 2023 will be held at the “Alte Technik” campus which is located close to the historic city center of Graz and is easily accessible with public transport or a short walk from many hotels in the area.

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