Conference Dinner Map

We recommend following four possibilities to get to the Schlossberg Restaurant:

The green way -Taking the Schlossbergbahn is the easiest way to get to the Schlossberg Restaurant. The Schlossbergbahn will take you directly to the restaurant. Its station is located next to the tram station "Schlossbergbahn (Sackstraße)" and can be reached via trams 3 or 5. A valid ticket of the Holding Graz Linien is required. Further details can be found here:

The orange way - This way up is a walk along a road up to the Uhrturm. The road itself is still rather steep but you get to enjoy a better view of Graz. From the Uhrturm you can reach the restaurant in a few minutes’ walk. Taking the road is free of charge.

The yellow way - Instead of taking the road you may also take the lift to reach the Uhrturm. The entrance to the lift can be reached via tram station “Schlossbergplatz/Murinsel (Sackstraße)". For taking the lift a small fee has to be paid. Further details can be found here:

The red way - This way up to the Uhrturm also starts at tram station “Schlossbergplatz/Murinsel (Sackstraße)". Instead of taking the elevator you walk up the stairs (260 in total) all up to the Uhrturm. Taking the stairs is free of charge.

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