Registration for the conference and the Doctoral Colloquium is now open.

Please register via the registration system (

Members of the ÖGOR Society may register free of charge ONLY for the ÖGOR Sessions on Friday 21st of July 2023. In case of ONLY attending ÖGOR Sessions, please select the according option in the registration system.


Poster guidelines

  • Content of posters must be written in English
  • Posters must be printed in A0 format with either landscape or portrait orientation
  • Authors are asked to pitch their posters with a brief talk (2-3 minutes) during a dedicated “poster pitch session” prior to the actual poster session
  • Please indicate if the presenter of the poster is a Doctoral student
  • From all submitted posters by Doctoral students ten will be nominated for the Steve Gallivan Award (


Presentation guidelines

  • Content of presentation must be written in English
  • Presentation time must not exceed 20 minutes, including 5 minutes for discussion

Discussion session guidelines

  • Content of presentation must be written in English
  • Presentation time must not exceed 5 minutes
  • For each presentation 15 minutes are reserved for discussion
  • Presentations will be given in dedicated discussion sessions
  • Presentations MUST contain open questions regarding the general research direction, methodology, the interpretation of results, etc.
  • Contributions to discussion sessions should not be shorter standard presentations, i.e. they must not be ended by the usual “thank you for your attention, are there any questions?”
  • Non-scientific discussions on the state of the field, current and future challenges are encouraged



Please use at least one of the topics below as a keyword when submitting your presentation abstract and/or poster abstract. The topic, keywords, and abstracts will help us schedule your talk appropriately. If your keyword is not on the list, please contact the organization committee via

  • (Multi) appointment scheduling

  • Access and waiting list

  • Ambulance management

  • Analytics

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Benchmarking

  • Capacity and network planning

  • Care Pathway

  • Clinical modelling

  • Cost effectiveness and health economics

  • Data analysis and risk management

  • Decision support

  • Disaster management

  • e-Health

  • Emergency Department

  • Emergency Medical Service

  • Epidemiology and disease modelling

  • Forecasting

  • Healthcare logistics

  • Healthcare policy modelling

  • Home care and Long Term Care

  • Humanitarian logistics

  • Integrated planning of health services

  • Modelling and simulation

  • Operating room planning and scheduling

  • Optimization algorithm

  • Patient flow

  • Patient scheduling

  • Performance evaluation

  • Process optimisation

  • Resource scheduling

  • Screening and prevention

  • Staffing and capacity planning

  • Statistical modelling

  • Strategic and operational planning

  • Teaching OR in health care

  • Workforce planning and scheduling