WRAP UP OpenFOAM® User Meeting 10


PFAU X - Multiphysics and Coupling

Wednesday, July 8, 2013
10.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m.
Lecture Room “HS i8”
Inffeldgasse 13, TU Graz
PRESENTATIONS Will be hosted here (starting with July 25th, 2015) https://cloud.tugraz.at/index.php/s/qEyQfK8vC24lbbC BoF Session “Coupling & Multiphysics” An attempt was made to map out existing multiphysics/coupling approaches in different software’s and evaluate their complexity and stability. Picture will be available online and the idea of an openCOUPLINGwiki came up. BoF Session “Numerics & Meshing” Useful output from the BoF session has been collected here: https://github.com/NanoSim/CoursesAndTrainingPortfolio Relevant information will be transferred to openFOAMwiki.net asap.