According to chapter VII art.39 of the Construction Product Regulations (by the EU), the consistency of construction products regarding the consistency of performance must be tested and assessed by notified bodies. Under the terms of the Commission delegated regulation (EU) no568/2014, these bodies are: •   Product certification bodies for the assessment and verifications of the systems 1+ and 1 •   Factory production control certifications bodies for the system 2+ •   Laboratories – a notified body for system 3 (initial testing) The definition of the different systems is carried out by the European commission and can be found in the harmonised European Standards. The accreditation as a testing Laboratory and a notified certification body enables the TVFA for the notification of all systems. The entire scope of the notification can be found here. This allows the TVFA-ZERT to issue certificates for the Systems 1+, 1, 2+ and 3. Producers are allowed to add a CE-label to their product once all certificates are present. The entire scale of notification can be looked up in the NANDO-database.