The accreditation process was carried out by the former federal ministry for economic affairs and was completed positive in 1999. The accreditation agency requires an allocation of the standards used by the ICS-technical groups. The current scope and acknowledgments are available in the download area.
Threw the Austrian Federal Constitution the legislative competence in the building sector is handed over to the provinces. This led to provincial certification authorities which test-, and inspection-protocols of organisations accredited by the Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering (OIB). Therefore the TVFA was forced to get, in a addition to the federal accreditation, also one by the OIB. This process was completed positive in July 2012.
Alongside to the new construction product declaration by European Union, the accreditation threw the OIB lost its validity(end of 2014).
As the provincial certification body (BauCert Steiermark) didn´t apply for a renewal, this would have left local producers of building material with no nearby certification body. This led in the summer of 2013 to the decision to apply for the accreditation to a notified product certification body. The accreditation threw the “Accreditation Austria”, was concluded positively by the TVFA-ZERT in June 2014.
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Scope of Accreditation (per 05/24)
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