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During the research stay at MIT, a new formulation of Firm Energy for low-carbon power systems was defined and implemented in the LEGO simulation model. The exchange with my supervisor Mr. Audun Botterud and the entire LIDS/MIT team as well as other visiting students who were present helped in the development of this formulation. The result is a further development of the concept of Firm Capacity which, however, promises more reliable power grids. The first results of this work were presented at the international conference "IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting 2022" in Denver/Colorado.

Furthermore, the research work is currently being prepared for a scientific publication with the aim of publishing a co-publication by TU Graz and MIT in a journal.

I see getting to know other ways of working and other cultures (MIT is very international) as one of the most positive memories. I was immediately integrated into the team and was a permanent part of LIDS/MIT for the duration of my stay.

During my stay in Boston I also had the opportunity to visit New York City and Washington DC. After my research stay I had two weeks of vacation which took me to San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon as well as Denver and the Rocky Mountains.


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