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The Institute for Electricity Economics and Energy Innovation is a competent partner for research, business and administration, especially for electricity companies, regulatory bodies and decision-makers in politics and administration and is always interested in interdisciplinary research projects. Below is an overview of some of the current projects.


Optimization and data aggregation for net-zero power systems.

Developing a new method to combine situations with similar model outcomes in order to obtain compressed and yet differentiated model data.

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Determination of storage requirements in the Austrian electricity system in 2040

The aim of this study is to determine the short-, medium- and long-term energy storage requirements in the Austrian electricity system in 2040.

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Medium and long-term storage technologies on the way to 100% renewable energy in Austria

The MILES exploratory project researches the needs assessment, system integration and technology-neutral evaluation of medium and long-term storage technologies in the context of the EAG goals.

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PV feed-in.

AgroStore - Energy Storages in Agricultur

Study of various energy storage systems in agriculture

Support the exploitation of potential and optimize the self-consumption quota when using photovoltaic systems at farms.

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