Titel der Dissertation Dissertantin/Dissertant Begutachter
A miniaturized ultrasound sensor system for investigating muscle and tendon behavior in human and veterinary locomotion Dipl.-Ing. Christoph LEITNER Prof. Christian Baumgartner
Deep learning on echocardiographic images for clinical decision support Karen Andrea LARA HERNANDEZ, MSc Prof. Christian Baumgartner
Investigation of temperature-induced modulation of the electrophysiological characteristics of various human or mammalian cells using automated patch-clamp and multi-electrode array technology Dipl.-Ing. Sonja LANGTHALER Prof. Christian Baumgartner
Medical Decision Support System for Smart Infusion Therapy Dipl.-Ing. Katharina BERGMOSER Prof. Christian Baumgartner
Gesundheitsökonomische Modellierung integrierter Versorgungsstrukturen im Gesundheitswesen Dipl.-Ing. Alexander LASSNIG Prof. Jörg Schröttner

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Titel der Dissertation Dissertantin/Dissertant Begutachter
3-axes sensor for highly sensitive control of medical devices with dynamic and adaptive adjustment to the existing force and range of motion Dipl.-Ing. Niels BUCHHOLD

Prof. Christian Baumgartner, Prof. Reinhold Scherer

Evaluation and improvement of an insulin dosing algorithm for application in a computerized decision and workflow support system Dipl.-Ing. Klaus DONSA

Prof. Christian Baumgartner, Dr. Peter Beck, Dr. Lukas Schaupp

Computerised Analysis of the Clinical Image of the Clinical Image of Absence Seizures Dipl.-Ing. Matthäus PEDIADITIS Prof. Norbert Leitgeb, Prof. Manolis Tsiknakis, Dr. Peter Brunner
Human Thermoregulation Model of RF-EMF Interaction Dipl.-Ing. Florian NIEDERMAYR Prof. Norbert Leitgeb, Prof. Christian Magele
Fuzzy Logic Scoring System for the Assessment of Cardiovascular Health Status based on Arterial Stiffness Dipl.-Ing. Alexander HOHL Prof. Norbert Leitgeb, Prof. Herfried Pessenhofer, Prof. Alberto Avolio
Numerische EMF-Dosimetrie mit anatomischen Modellen Dipl.-Ing. Roman CECH Prof. Norbert Leitgeb, Prof. Christian Magele


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