Medical Device Exhibition

The Medical Device Exhibition of the Institute of Health Care Engineering was build up as a didactic support of teaching, an illustrative introduction to Biomedical Engineering and a demonstration of biomedical and technical progress. The goal was not a historical collection but a didactically valuable presentation for students and visitors showing the range of technical progress from the beginning to the present.

For the exhibition a copy true to the original of the first mobile, portable, transcutaneous cardiac pacemaker was built by the institute in cooperation with the University of Minnesota. Hence the progress from the very first beginning to the modern implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator is demonstrated at the exhibition.

In a similar way the progress in the field of ultrasound diagnostic from the first compound scanner to the modern electronic real time Scanner, in the field of X-ray tube development from the first commercial X-ray tube to today’s compound rotating anode used in computer tomography, in the field of electrocardiography from the first light ray ECG device to today’s long term ECG with digital Flashcard data storage and in the field of stimulation current therapy from the first device with resistive voltage divider via the tubular devices of the Austrian pioneers to the portable, miniaturized device for long term pain therapy.

The visit of the medical device exhibition is possible for interested people after prior registration free of charge.


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