Topics for Bachelor-Theses

The assignment of bachelor theses is now done via the TeachCenter, course 718-IHCE Bachelor-, Master-Theses and Projects


As a prerequisite for the registration of a bachelor thesis, the courses according to the attached list must be completed.

Open topics can be found with the respective supervisors.

The curriculum of the Bachelor program Biomedical Engineering includes the course "Bachelorarbeit Biomedical Engineering" (8 ECTS). Within this course, the students will have to prepare a Bachelor's Thesis.

Students have no claim to supervision.

Here you will find all required documents and forms.


  • Automatisierung von Softwareupdates und Tests eines Medizinproduktes (Bachelor: Clara Scheiber, Betreuerin: Prof. Rienmüller)
  • PVDF ultrasound transducers: properties, applications and their use in medical ultrasound (Bachelor: Wolfgang Kienberger, Betreuer: Dr. Leitner)
  • Bipedal control methods concerning an active lower limb orthosis (Bachelor: Simon Polt, Betreuerin: Dr. Lozanovic)
  • Beschreibung und Modellierung des spannungsgesteuerten Kaliumkanals Kv12.1 (Bachelor: Michael Macher, Betreuerin: Dr. Lozanovic)
  • Design of a Low Voltage Differential Signal Evaluation System and possible use cases of LVDS in Biomedical Applications (Bachelor: Julia Höchsmann, Betreuerinnen: Dr. Lozanovic, Prof. Michalowska-Forsysth)
  • Einfluss der Umgebungstemperatur auf elektrische Aktivität und Schlagverhalten von Herzzellen (Bachelor: Mathias Csurmann, Betreuer: Dipl.-Ing. Ziesel)
  • Eignung von Ultraschall-Kavitation als Alternative zur herkömmlichen Zahnreinigung in vivo: Risiken, Effektivität und Potenzial für die Kommerzialisierung (Bachelor: Samuel Humer, Betreuerin: Dr. Langthaler)
  • Controlling Degradability of Tissue-Mimicking Scaffolds for Neural Application (Bachelor: Sophie Murer, Betreuer: Dipl.-Ing. Polz)
  • Integration of a Dissolvable Film Valve on Lab-on-a-Disc Platforms (Bachelor: Thomas Pucher, Betreuerin: Prof. Rienmüller, Mitbetreuer: Dipl.-Ing. Wimmer)
  • In vitro-Modell für Knochenstimulation (Bachelor: Niklas Rücker, Betreuerin: Prof. Rienmüller)
  • Nomenklatur medizinischer Produkte (Bachelor: Florian Meier, Betreuer: Prof. Schröttner)

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