The curriculum of the Bachelor program Biomedical Engineering includes the course "Bachelorproject Biomedical Engineering" (8 ECTS). Within this course, the students will have to prepare a Bachelor's Thesis.

Students have no claim to supervision.

Here you will find all required documents and forms.

Open Topics

The Institute of Health Care Engineering offers topics for Master-/Bachelor-Theses for the following areas:


  • EMV-Simulationsumgebung in Python mit Berücksichtigung medizin-elektrischer Geräte (Bachelor: Jessica Yu, Betreuer: Prof. Baumgartner, DI Fuchs, DI Auinger)
  • Automatisierung von Softwareupdates und Tests eines Medizinproduktes (Bachelor: Clara Scheiber, Betreuerin: Prof. Rienmüller)
  • Entwicklung eines netzwerkfähigen AWGs (Bachelor: Melanie Willfurth, Betreuer: Prof. Schröttner, Ing. Neubauer)
  • Implementierung eines Messsystems zur Blut pH-Wert Messung (Bachelor: Jürgen Reiter, Betreuer: Prof. Baumgartner)
  • Well established measurements of cells or cell lines with the Nanion Port-a-Patch and the juxtaposition of practical trials on human blood cells (Bachelor: Tarkan Cetin, Betreuerin: Prof. Rienmüller)
  • Material and Architecture of Ultrasonic Lenses and Possible Ways to Integrate Electric Circuits (Bachelor: Tamara Gostimirovic, Betreuer: Dipl.-Ing. Leitner)
  • Review and kinetic analysis of ion-channel models of voltage-gated potassium channels (Bachelor: Magdalena Hinterkörner, Betreuerin: Dipl.-Ing. Langthaler)
  • Sicherheitstechnische Anforderungen für Beatmungsgeräte (Bachelor: Lukas Schobel, Betreuer: Prof. Schröttner, Ing. Neubauer)
  • PVDF ultrasound transducers: properties, applications and their use in medical ultrasound (Bachelor: Wolfgang Kienberger, Betreuer: Dipl.-Ing. Leitner)


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