Topics for Bachelor-Theses

The assignment of bachelor theses is now done via the TeachCenter, course 718-IHCE Bachelor-, Master-Theses and Projects


Open topics can be found with the respective supervisors.

The curriculum of the Bachelor program Biomedical Engineering includes the course "Bachelorarbeit Biomedical Engineering" (8 ECTS). Within this course, the students will have to prepare a Bachelor's Thesis.

Students have no claim to supervision.

Here you will find all required documents and forms.


  • EMV-Simulationsumgebung in Python mit Berücksichtigung medizin-elektrischer Geräte (Bachelor: Jessica Yu, Betreuer: Prof. Baumgartner, DI Fuchs, DI Auinger)
  • Automatisierung von Softwareupdates und Tests eines Medizinproduktes (Bachelor: Clara Scheiber, Betreuerin: Prof. Rienmüller)
  • PVDF ultrasound transducers: properties, applications and their use in medical ultrasound (Bachelor: Wolfgang Kienberger, Betreuer: Dipl.-Ing. Leitner)
  • Development of a web application for the analysis of acute kidney injury in intensive care (Bachelor: Sandro Zöbinger, Betreuer: Prof. Baumgartner, Mag. Wagner)
  • Characterisation of methylation patterns in cancer related genes of the MUG Lucifer sarcoma cell line (Bachelor: Larissa Rinner, Betreuer/in: Prof. Baumgartner, Dipl.-Ing. Langthaler)
  • PVDF Ultrasound transducers (Bachelor: Julian Wohlgemuth, Betreuer: Dipl.-Ing. Leitner)
  • Charakterisierung eines Aerosolelektrometers (Bachelor: Victoria Fruhmann, Betreuer: Prof. Baumgartner, Dr. Kupper)
  • Aufbau einer Laborübung zur Erklärung des Prinzips der Patientennachbildung nach EN 60601-1 (Bachelor: Manuel Muschett, Betreuer: Prof. Schröttner)

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