Mobile Environmental Monitoring System

The goal of development is a mobile air pollutant measurement system for use on public (local) transport vehicles. The detailed recording of local air quality with unprecedented local and temporal accuracy enables local authorities to target measures to improve air quality and thus helps to achieve the EU air quality targets by providing detailed data material for fact-based justification of political measures.

The following environmental parameters will be measured on the roof of the tram/bus: Particulate matter, NOx, ozone, humidity & temperature, wind.

The development content includes improvement of the prototype in terms of aerosol processing with the aim of reducing the influence of fog on the fine dust measurement; development of algorithms to compensate for the drift of the electrochemical gas sensors (and low-cost Mox sensors in comparison) by driving past existing reference measuring stations; furthermore, the evaluation of ultrasonic anemometers in moving operation to improve the sensitivity at low speeds.

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01.10.2021 - 31.10.2025

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UnravelTEC OG

Technische Universität Graz