Reference ground station, building with satellite antennas, Gebäuden mit Satellitenantennen
reference ground station© TU Graz/IKS

Reference ground station

3 m reference ground stations as well as various antenna systems at the location Observatory Lustbühel, Graz.

Satellite antennas on the roof of Inffeldgasse 10
VSATs at Inffeldgasse 10 © TU Graz/IKS

VSATs at Inffeldgasse 10

1,5 m satellite ground station for Ka-Band (20/30 GHz) and 2,4 m ChannelMaster VSAT for Ku-Band (11/14 GHz) on the roof top of the studies centre Inffeldgasse 10

Two persons with a portable satellite ground station
Portable VSAT © TU Graz/IKS

Portable VSAT

Application of a portable satellite ground station (1,2 m diamond-shape) at about 3000 m above sealevel at the Hintertux Glacier during a teleconsultancy demonstration.

Satellite antenna mounted on a vehicle trailer
Mobile VSATS (Trailer) © TU Graz/IKS

Mobile VSATS (Trailer)

Two portable 1,5 m satellite ground stations (diamond shape) are available at the institute. They are mounted on vehicle trailers and can be moved rapidly to various application locations.