Part-time Master's Programme SpaceTech

The image shows an astronaut from the United States during a spacewalk. The astronaut is wearing a white spacesuit, which is in addition equipped with various tools and survival systems. The astronaut is secured with ropes and carabiners, and is holding o
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Master in Space Systems and Business Engineering

This continuing education programme is designed for professionals and experts from the aerospace sector.
It provides the participants with technological and business engineering knowledge as well as leadership skills to enable them to advance their carreers. Further information: SpaceTech.tugraz.at



Peter Schrotter
SpaceTech Programme Manager

TU Graz Life Long Learning
Münzgrabenstraße 36/I
A-8010 Graz, Austria
T +43 316 873-4935
M +43 664 60873-4935

Franz Teschl
SpaceTech Academic Programme Lead

Inffeldgasse 12/I
A-8010 Graz, Austria
T +43 316 873-7447