Sensor-Application Laboratory

With 20 workplaces on 140 m² and an additional 20 m² temperature-stabilized room with additional 2 workplaces, this facility is our main lab for sensor related work of all kind. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art ventilation system, a comprehensive gas and compressed air supply, a vacuum system, workplace specific fume hoods and appropriate safety systems. This enables safe development of electronic sensor systems and all kinds of experiments utilizing gases and/or aerosols. Special equipped workplaces further enable electrical measurements.

Key-Equipment of the Sensor-Application Lab

  • Gas Supply (permanent: N2, NO, NO2, CO, CO2; others as required)
  • Gas-Mixer (capable for ppb concentrations)
  • SMPS TSI 3938
  • CPC TSI 3775
  • Electrostatic Classifier TSI 3080
  • DMA TSI 3081 (“long”) and TSI 3085 (“nano”)
  • APS TSI 3321 – Aerosol Particle Sizer
  • Aerosol Electrometer (own-built)
  • Aerosol Electrometer IONER EL-5030
  • Aethalometer AE33
  • Jing miniCAST 6200
  • Argonaut Inverted Flame Soot Generator
  • Spark-Particle Generator (own-built)
  • Tube Furnace Particle Generator and Sintering
  • TOPAS Atomizer ATM 220 and 221
  • TOPAS Diffusion Dryer DDU 570/L
  • Nafion Aerosol Dryer
  • Bubble-Flowmeter Gilibrator 2
  • Digital Optical Microscope Keyence VHX 900F
  • High-Precision Moisture Generator (own-built)