Optics Laboratory

A 60 m² temperature-stabilized lab in the basement reliably allows experiments with sensitive optical setups and the operation of sensitive equipment. Beside two workplaces a vibration insulated optical table is permanently installed in this lab. Further the lab is equipped with a state-of-the-art ventilation system, a gas and compressed air supply, a vacuum system, workplace specific fume hoods and appropriate safety systems.

Key-Equipment of the Optics Lab

  • Spectrometer Ocean Optics UV-VIS Flame S
  • Spectrometer ARCoptix FT-NIR Rocket Series
  • Spectrometer Hamamatsu C9914GB
  • Spectrometer Avantes AvaSpec-2048
  • FBG Interrogator si155-ST
  • Optical Power and Wavelength Meter ILX LIGHTWAVE OMM6810B
  • White Light Interferometer SPINDLER & HOYER
  • Optical Table Newport Integrity 4 with Overhead Table Shelf
  • SEM REM Philips XL20
  • Sputtering System Sputter Coater S150B