The well-developed extraction sector includes more than seven operating extraction columns which are used for different applications. The actual research is focused on multiphase flow in the Taylor-Couette Disc Contactor (TCDC) which enables continuous processing of up to four different phases in one single apparatus. Applications requiring combinations up to four phases are possible in different scales (Liquid-liquid-gas-solid flow).

The protected laboratory boxes are equipped with an exhaust system an allow operation of harmful or dangerous substances in a controlled environment. Column diameters from 50mm up to 300mm allow simple scale up from laboratory to pilot scale. The flexible column and design allows fast optimization to the specific separation or reaction task. Measuring systems for dispersed phase holdup, mass transfer and residence time distribution are available. Camera systems allow investigation of droplet size diameters and characteristic flow regimes.

Multiphase column: TCDC DN50 with active high of 0.7 m, up to four phases.

Quelle: Georg Rudelstorfer
Multi column: TCDC and TCR DN50 with active height of 0.4 m. Used for testing different rotor designs.

Quelle: Rudelstorfer Georg
TCDC and RDC DN 100:
Active height TCDC 1.0 m and RDC 2.0 m.

Quelle: Rudelstorfer Georg
TCDC DN 300 Column:
Column with inner diameter of 300 mm and active height of 1.0 m used for scale up.

Quelle: Rudelstorfer Georg


A few stills, continuously and discontinuous, are for use to seperate multi-phase mixtures up to 200 degree celcius and pressures of 20 or even 3 mbar.


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