Open topics

There are many interesting ongoing research projects at the Institute, here you will find a description of selected open topics. Please contact the project or working group leaders for further details. In many cases, a topic can be adapted to different needs, e.g. if you are interested in a topic that is offered as an MSc thesis but you need a BSc thesis. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Open research topics

Plant Design Exercise

Typically, plant design exercises (667.200 Konstruktionsübungen) are derived from current research topics, including both theoretical subjects and practical work in the lab. Select a topic from above suggestions and refer to the responsible contact person.

Bachelor Thesis

Choose a topic from the suggestions and contact the person responsible for the topic that interests you. Online documents for the practical implementation of the Bachelor thesis can be found in TUGRAZonline under 667.111 (Experimental Chemical Engineering Project / Bachelor Project VT) in the course description.

Master Thesis

Select a topic from the suggestions and contact the person responsible for the topic of interest. Master students can often be offered employment (e.g. 8 hours per week) in a research project or a one-time scholarship, depending on the topic.

Doctoral Thesis

A doctoral thesis is typically offered as part of a full-time appointment of at least three years, either globally funded (university assistant under employee law) or project funded (university project assistant under employee law). For further information, please contact the person responsible for the respective topic.


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