Publications & Journals

Discrete Modeling Approach for Cluster-Based Excess Gibbs-Energy of Molecular Liquids


The excess Gibbs-energy of a two-component liquid molecular mixture is modeled based on discrete clusters of molecules.

Publication in International Journal of Biological Macromolecules


High performance chitosan/nanocellulose-based composite membrane for alkaline direct ethanol fuel cells

Energies, Special Issue "Advanced Manufacturing of Fuel Cells and Fuel-Cell Components"


Effects of Catalyst Ink Storage on Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells

Publication in Journal of Membrane Science International


Membrane Operations in the Pulp and Paper Industry for the Recovery of Constituents: A State-of-the-Art Review

Publication in Chemical Engineering Journal Advances


(Selective) Isolation of acetic acid and lactic acid from heterogeneous fermentation of xylose and glucose

Publication in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces


Influence of the Electrode Deposition Method of Graphene-Based Catalyst Inks for ADEFC on Performance

Publication in Journal of Molecular Liquids


Study of isobaric vapor–liquid equilibria of diethyl carbonate + ethylene carbonate for lithium-ion battery electrolyte solvent recycling

Publication in Materials Advances


Surfactant doped polyaniline coatings for functionalized gas diffusion layers in low temperature fuel cells

Publication in Molecular Simulation


Auto-calibration strategy for the equilibration phase of Gibbs ensemble Monte Carlo simulations

Publication in ACS Omega


Study on Commercially Available Membranes for Alkaline Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells