Our faculty pursues spectrum of research form fundamental studies to applied research. We train young scientists for careers in research, industry, and business.

The faculty is internationally active in our four research focuses:

  • Discrete Structure and Analysis;
  • Functional and Quantum Materials
  • Change Monitoring of System Earth and
  • Computational Science and Engineering

with many co-operations with research centres and industrial partners. The research is funded through  grants (EU, FWF, FFG, etc.) including three START grants, two ERC Starting grants, and two Christian Doppler Laboratories. Three of these six prestigious projects are led by women.

These research focuses generate important contributions to the five Fields of Expertise of TU Graz. Researchers from the faculty take part in two of the three Lead projects of TU Graz and participate in the Centre of Computational Engineering (GCCE).

The master study is research-guided by embedding the master students into these research projects.

Fields of Expertise

The Graz University of Technology focuses its resources in five promising directions known as the Fields of Expertise. The faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Geodesy contributes to all 5 fields.

Lead projects

Lead projects are funded by the TU Graz to promote particularly promising cutting-edge research in basic science. The faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Geodesy currently participates in the following two lead projects:

Graz Center of Computational Engineering

The interdepartmental Graz Center of Computational Engineering (GCCE) supports basic research and education in the field of numerical simulation at Graz University of Technology. Two of the nine participating institutes belong to the faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Geodesy.

Highlights - ERC-Grant, START-Awards, CD-Labs:


  • Anna Maria Coclite (2023)
  • Marcus Ossiander (2022)
  • Birgitta Schultze-Bernhardt (2020)
  • Anna Maria Coclite (2015)


  • Marcus Ossiander (2022)
  • Birgitta Schultze-Bernhardt (2020)
  • Oliver Hoffmann (2018)
  • Christoph Aisleitner (2015)
  • Markus Aichhorn (2014)
  • Peter Grabner (1998)
  • Gerhard Wöginger (1996)


  • CD-Lab for Mass Transport through Paper (Karin Zojer)
  • CD-Lab for Direct-Write Fabrication of 3D Nano-Probes (Harald Planck)
  • CD-Laboratory for Surface Chemical and Physical Fundamentals of Paper Strength (Robert Schennach, terminated)
  • CD-Lab for Novel Functional Materials (Emil List, terminated)

Dean's Office of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Geodesy
Petersgasse 16
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