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Overview: Human & Biotechnology

People are at the centre of research in the Field of Expertise Human & Biotechnology at TU Graz. Human technology researchers are developing devices and methods for medical applications and therapies, for example using innovative biosignals and image processing. Biotechnology focusses on using enzymes and living microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and yeast in technical applications.

Researchers in the Field of Expertise are developing diagnostic methods and processes that enable biological raw materials to be converted into chemical compounds such as medicines, chemicals and materials. Research results are channelled into medicine, environmental technology, industry and agriculture, benefitting society. 

Examples of Research Topics

  • The research team participating in the EU project MoreGrasp is developing individual, thought-controlled neuroprosthetics for tetraplegics. Neuroprosthetics are to make it possible for tetraplegics to open and close their hands as well as to grasp objects.
  • In Trans-European Network EUROMBR, specialists are trained to develop and use microbioreactors. The aim is to encourage the continued development of innovative manufacturing processes in biotechnology.
  • Together with an international consortium, researchers participating in the CONQUER project are developing a “smart” contrast agent for radical new methods of diagnostics and therapeutic procedures.
  • Researchers are connecting the human brain with computer systems. This makes it possible to create a communication channel for people with severe physical disabilities e.g. allowing them to control their environment and make use of ICT methods. It also enables further research into the human brain, as real-time biosignal analysis means that new questions can be asked.

around 70 researchers from 5 faculties of TU Graz 

Research topics

Biomedical Engineering

  • Biomechanics
  • Medical imaging
  • (Clinical) bioinformatics
  • Brain-computer interfaces
  • Neuroscience
  • Health care engineering
  • Biomedical model creation and simulation
  • European Body for Testing and Certification of Medical Products
  • Radiation protection tests and reports
  • Biomedical sensor technology
  • Biomaterials

Molecular Biomedicine

  • Functional genomics
  • Chemical biology
  • Metabolism research

Industrial Biotechnology

  • Cell engineering
  • Protein engineering
  • Bioprocess engineering
  • Biocatalysis - green chemistry
  • Glycoengineering
  • Synthetic biology
  • Computational biotechnology
  • Sensors for process technology

Environmental Biotechnology

  • Metagenomics research and bioresource mining
  • Microbe-plant interactions
  • Food chemistry and human sensors
  • Enzymatic decomposition and modification of (bio-)polymers
  • Use of renewable materials through biotechnological processes

Shares in Companies and Cooperations

Cooperation Partners

Competence Centres and Networks

Special Research Area


  • Mathematical Optimization in Biomedical Applications


TU Graz events

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Human & Biotechnology (Field of Expertise)

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Human & Biotechnology (Field of Expertise)

Lead Projects

The Field of Expertise is involved in the following lead projects at TU Graz:


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