Architecture Meets Life
Vienna: Springer, 2006
German/English, 241 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-3-211-29764-3
EUR 26.00/sFr. 44.50

The traditional history of architecture knows the history of form and style and the heroic history oriented towards individual architect personalities. What it usually offers is a general history of culture and ideas founded on the intentions of the actors involved. The standard works of architectural history do not deal with what became real of the architects intentions. As such, a reception history of architecture or, in other words, a history of its usage and utilisation, remains an urgent desideratum for science. The first research results are now available and they are corroborated by the articles in this issue: there is no simple correlation between architectural form and the behaviour and perception of its occupants.

Table of contents

With contributions by
Knut Birkholz, Andreas Deußer, Katja Friedrich, Florian Heilmeyer, Christine Kohlert, Annette Merrild, Silke Ötsch, Thomas Pilz, Riklef Rambow, Thibaut de Ruyter, Kerstin Sailer, Jörg Seifert, Pelin Tan

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