CoFi/Project Description/Description/Research Questions

Research Questions

Our main research questions are:

  • To what extent and how do Corona Fictions differ from previous pandemic fictions? Which parts of the meta-narrative are reactivated in Corona Fictions?
  • What are main topics of Corona Fictions? Is it the fear of falling ill, of dying or the difficulties of the confinement (isolation, care duties, domestic violence, etc.)?
  • What narratological function does the coronavirus adopt?

Further research questions resulting from the main research questions:

  • Which conceptual structures, such as metaphors, are used in order to talk about pandemics? Are there different structures in different times and cultures?
  • What kind of future scenarios do pandemic literary and cultural productions, specifically pandemic narratives, establish?
  • How does the pandemic crisis affect the representation of social groups located on intersections between gender and other categorizations in pandemic narratives?